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Eating a near optimal “4-Leaf” diet…in a toxic world

It all goes back to the natural diet for our species…whole plants. As Dr. T. Colin Campbell has often said, “the closer we get to a diet of whole plant foods, the better off we will be.” So, let’s assume … Continue reading

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“Vibrant health” via the simplicity of 4Leaf

On my way to dinner last night, I encountered a friend out walking his dog on the sidewalk. Michael stopped to tell me that he and Sarah had seen the recent Sanjay Gupta special (The Last Heart Attack), and had … Continue reading

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Keeping it simple with 4Leaf

┬áThe tale of the banana and the BK Whopper-No Cheese A reader told me recently that making the transition is difficult enough as it is. Adding in confusing calculations makes it almost impossible. With our 4-Leaf Program, we are striving … Continue reading

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