Millet Almond Rounds

One of the primary keys to 4Leaf eating is having lots of healthy meals or snacks that can be warmed up quickly. These four are among our favorites.

  1. Millet Almond Rounds pictured here are great to warm up for a quick snack. Pick them up and dip them in some fresh home-made hummus.
  2. Roasted Brussels Sprouts Bowl I never really liked Brussels sprouts until I tried this dish, shared with us by our cousin Shawn Lankton. This is a great go-to recipe when you just don’t know what to make. Easy, easy, easy! The taste of the warm sprouts and the cool tomatoes taste delicious!–Lisa
  3. Carrots, celery, and homemade hummus. Be careful with the store-bought kind; it’s often loaded with oil and derives over 70% of its calories from fat.–Dr. Graff
  4. Tomato and cucumber stacks. Slice cucumbers and tomatoes, stack them on toothpicks, and season with salt and pepper. An easy, refreshing summer app!–Dr. Graff

For many more delicious appetizer options (with great color pictures), visit our CookBooks page on this site.

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