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There are now twelve versions of the 4Leaf Survey, which is now available in eight different languages. All twelve of those versions are on this page. And all contain this copyright information: Copyright © 2019 4Leaf Global, LLC

Our policy regarding the use of this 4Leaf intellectual property. Since its inception in 2012, we have always offered the 4Leaf materials free of charge to the international public. But a license is required for commercial use in any revenue generating entity, including for use by physicians, dietitians and health coaches.

For all things 4Leaf, visit the website at For information about the modestly-priced licensing agreements,  contact J. Morris Hicks, CEO of 4Leaf Global, LLC.

Links to pdf’s of  printer friendly, one-page, 4Leaf Surveys

4Leaf Survey (English)

4Leaf Survey Daily Version

Two-Page Kids Version (English)

International (Nine Languages)

Online 4Leaf Surveys


At eCornell:

Our 4Leaf Survey is the only dietary assessment tool that has been in continuous use since 2014 in the eCornell plant-based nutrition course that was developed and is overseen by the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies, Ithaca, NY 

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