4Leaf Soups

This Hearty Black Bean Soup (#3) has two pounds of greens hidden in this soup! Nutritious and delicious!

Hearty Black Bean Soup

In case you haven’t already, you really need to learn to enjoy hearty soups that can be reheated and served any time of day or night. Check out these nutrient-packed superstars from Lisa’s Kitchen.

  1. Hearty Black Bean Soup This great soup (pictured here) has two pounds of greens hidden in this soup! Nutritious and delicious!–Lisa
  2. Kale Soup This mild, earthy tasting soup, with its crunchy texture, is our son, Andrew’s favorite dish. He asks for it all of the time! How many kids ask for kale, let alone even know what it is!–Lisa
  3. Cream of Broccoli Soup, hold the cream This broccoli soup has more broccoli in it then any broccoli soup recipe I have come across. It has 20 cups! That is a lot of green! It is a great winter or rainy day treat.
  4. Garbanzo Bean Tomato Soup This recipe is by far the best “cream free” tomato soup. It’s a new favorite at our house! It is very easy and quick to make too. Not just a prelude to a meal, one could make a meal out of this soup as it’s loaded with lots of hearty calories and fiber from all the rice and the beans.
  5. Red Lentil Vegetable Soup This hearty soup is one of our staples. It is easy to make and makes a lot. It is especially good with farm fresh organic vegetables. Scoring high in the 4Leaf range, this versatile meal is a health-promoting dynamo.–Lisa
  6. Sweet Potato Kale Soup This soup is the perfect comfort food for those cold days left in March. It’s easy to make, full of nourishing ingredients and simply delightful!

For many more delicious appetizer options (with great color pictures), visit our CookBooks page on this site.

CAUTION. Eating this way may quickly decrease your need for medications. You should tell your physician what you’re doing. If he/she is unfamiliar with or skeptical of this eating-style, please direct him or her to nutritionstudies.org and plantrician.org.

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