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Policy regarding the use of 4Leaf Intellectual Property

April 2019. The 4Leaf registered trademark, the 4Leaf Survey, ARCH by 4Leaf and all other 4Leaf materials are intellectual property of 4Leaf Global, LLC.

This powerful tool (to the right) is the heart and soul of our 4Leaf concept of healthy eating. Click the image to take survey online. Takes about two minutes.

Commercial Use. For individual practitioners and other revenue-generating organizations who wish to use 4Leaf intellectual property in the course of their business, a formal licensing agreement is required.

We are now offering modestly-priced annual licensing agreements primarily to physicians, health coaches, dietitians and others who are in the business of promoting health. Pricing depends on the size and scope of the organization.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a licensee of 4Leaf Global, LLC, contact J. Morris Hicks, CEO, via email at

How 4Leaf is used.  Many established medical practices have found our materials to be particularly helpful in efficiently helping their patients learn how to leverage the power of food to reverse disease and promote health. In short, 4Leaf saves the physician time and increases the likelihood that the patient will make whole, plant-based eating a permanent part of their lifestyle. Click here for more information about how a licensed physician might use 4Leaf intellectual property in his/her practice.

In the future, other businesses and individuals who might benefit from the use of our 4Leaf materials include wellness consultants, health risk assessment (HRA) firms, corporate wellness professionals, cardiologists, family physicians, naturopaths, lifestyle medicine physicians, dietitians, nutritionists, food producers, grocery retailers and maybe someday–a trendy restaurant chain known as the “4Leaf Cafe.”

In 2018, we partnered with Switch Healthcare to launch a 4Leaf tool called ARCH that can be used by corporations, as the acronym implies, to “automatically reduce the cost of healthcare.” The key to all of the above is maintaining the integrity of the brand for all concerned–and that’s why licensing agreements are required.

Public use of 4Leaf is free. As of 2019, the 4Leaf Survey and all related tools, materials, recipes and forms on our website are offered free of charge to the international public, in an effort to help people everywhere take charge of their own health and to help promote the best health for our ecosystem that sustains us.

We offer the online 4Leaf Survey for free to the international public for two specific reasons:

  1. To promote human and planetary health by influencing the shift away from animal-based and highly processed food toward planet-healthy, disease reversing, whole plant-based foods.
  2. To promote the 4Leaf brand so that it can grow, become more recognizable and perhaps play a role in helping to revolutionize the way medicine is practiced around. the world.


The owners and staff of 4Leaf Global, LLC, are not rendering professional advice or services for the individual reader. The ideas, procedures and suggestions on this site are not intended as a substitute for counseling with a physician. All matters of health require medical supervision. The owners and staff of 4Leaf Global, LLC, shall not be liable or responsible for any loss or damage allegedly arising from any information or suggestion on this website. The following statement appears prominently in our book and on our website.

CAUTION. Eating the 4Leaf way may quickly decrease your need for medications. You should tell your physician what you’re doing. If he/she is unfamiliar with, or skeptical of, this eating-style, please direct him or her to and

For more information, Contact J. Morris Hicks, CEO at

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