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4Leaf Guide Chapter by Chapter

For licensees only, introducing a handy way to share valuable information with your patients or health-coaching clients. Just copy these links one at a time to share this powerful information via email.

For example, let’s say you are advising your patient of the advantages of moving rapidly to a whole food plant-based diet rather than taking baby-steps. To reinforce your message in a way that they can easily share with others, you can text or email this link to a short chapter on that topic: Chap 10 Baby Steps or All the Way?

Chap 7 What Does 4Leaf Score Mean?

Chap 8 FAQ re 4Leaf Survey

Chap 9 Got My Score; Now What?

Chap 10 Baby Steps or All the Way?

Chap 11 Explaining 4Leaf to My Patients

Chap 12 Going 4Leaf in 4 Weeks

Chap 13 Recipes Are Everywhere

Chap 14 Food Shopping and Contraband

Chap 15 Eating Outside the Home

Chap 16 Patient Returns One Week Later

Chap 17 $aving Money with 4Leaf

Chap 18 What About Protein?

Chap 19 Omega-3, Calcium, Iron, etc.

Chap 20 It’s Time to Talk With Your Doctor

Chap 21 Type 2 Diabetes Success Story

Chap 22 Gluten-Free on 4Leaf

Chap 23 Evidence of Detox

Chap 24 Losing Weight with 4Leaf 

       Helpful Weight-Loss Chart

Chap 25 Why Do I Crave Unhealthy Foods?

Chap 26 Spouses, Children and Roommates 

Chap 27 Cancer, Climate Change and World Hunger

Chap 28 Love Is A Far Better Motivator Than Fear

Chap 29 The “Brain-Locking” Protein Myth

Chap 30 Patient Now on Path to Vibrant Health

Chap 31 Sustainability is Paramount

Chapter 32 Easter Island

Chap 33 Reading List for Better Understanding 

Chap 34 Proselytizing Not Recommended

Chap 35 The “Other” Five Leaves of Vibrant Health

Chap 36 New world of Harmony

Chap 37 Calling All Doctors

4Leaf Guide Epilog 

App A 4Leaf Survey (Standard)

App B Daily Reporting 4Leaf Survey

App C Week 1: Planning

App D Week 2: Breakfast

App E Week 3: Lunch

App F Week 4: Dinner

App G Exercise

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