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Available in a total of nine languages, An online English version is available all over the world at

One page English version:  4Leaf Survey

In alphabetical order, the other languages are provided here. The most recently added version is Bengali, which was posted here on October 4, 2020.

Attention. The 4Leaf Survey is intellectual property of 4Leaf Global, LLC, is free to the international public but requires a license for any commercial use. Contact J. Morris Hicks, CEO of 4Leaf Global, LLC, for licensing info.

THANKS to ALL who helped with the translations

  • In 2020, Adriana Cortez de Waterman provided the Spanish translation for the 2019 (most recent) version of the 4Leaf Survey. She also translated the “improvement reports” for all six levels on the 4Leaf scale.
  • Also, in 2020, Rogier Fentener van Vlissingen provided the Bengali version of the survey.
  • Maria Vigo McMcMacken who provided our very first international version in Spanish in both the standard and the daily reporting versions
  • Dr. Antonio Luis Castelo who delivered a triple play–providing the translations in French, Italian and his own native Portuguese
  • Dr. Laura Pridemore of North Carolina, who teamed up with my family members (who have kids) to develop the Kid-friendly version of the standard survey
  • Ms. Gusti Stewart and Nigel Richardson of Atlanta who teamed up to provide the German version.
  • Althea Tan and her sister, Tansy who provided two versions of the Chinese 4Leaf Survey.
  • And most recently, Rien Heideveld who provided the Dutch version.

The Japanese translation is now in progress. Next, we want to add Hindi, Arabic and Russian. Please advise us if you know someone who can help.

For more information about the origin and use of the 4Leaf Survey, visit About the 4Leaf Survey.

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