4Leaf Guide

Amazon. Kindle and paperback. If you have Amazon Prime, you will get free shipping if you purchase your paperback here, where it usually sells for just under $12. The eBook sells for $7.44. See both at Amazon page. Used paperback copies are also available on Amazon for as little as $3.49.

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Our own eStore. Paperback only. Click on the link below and use this code LRNTTR8G for a $4 discount off the list price of the paperback. Your price will be $9.88 plus shipping. If you have a volume discount code, you can use it at this eStore. Volume discounts available; see note below. Click here for eStore.

Kindle for $2.99. If you purchase the paperback from the above Amazon page, you will then be able to buy the Kindle version there for just $2.99. The Kindle version regularly sells for $7.44 on Amazon.

Volume discounts. If you have questions or wish to order more than 20 copies, please contact us via email for the discounts available.