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J. Morris Hicks — the “big picture guy” when it comes to the staggering impact of the human diet on planet Earth, beginning with our own health.

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Food. Health. Planet. Our Future as a Species.

At the College of the Holy Cross–May 2, 2018

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Many authors speak about promoting health through diet, a handful speak about the environmental impacts of our diet and even fewer speak about a pragmatic, workable idea for solving the alarming environmental dilemma that threatens our civilization. J. Morris Hicks may very well be the ONLY author in the world who speaks passionately about all three.

An engineer and business executive for more than forty years (including a stint with Ralph Lauren as EVP), he became curious about the optimal diet for humans in 2002.

Since then, he has spent more than 10,000 hours studying the topic, has published  two books, posted over 900 articles at, created the 4Leaf Model for healthy eating and the 4Leaf Survey (now used by eCornell) and online at, served on the board of the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies since 2012 and continues to work on many initiatives related to his mission of promoting health, hope and harmony on planet Earth.

Speaking. Since publishing his first book in 2011, he has spoken at colleges, junior high schools, civic organizations, health conferences and vegetarian groups in Connecticut, Canada, Massachusetts, Dominican Republic, Arizona, Kentucky, Italy, Colorado and at the Harvard Club in New York City.

J. Morris Hicks speaking at the International Plant-Based Nutrition Healthcare Conference -- 2016

J. Morris Hicks speaking in Anaheim, CA — 2016

In the picture above, J. Morris Hicks to a crowd of 800 at the 4th annual International Plant-Based Nutrition Healthcare Conference in Anaheim ( in September of 2016. For more info, take a look at the following ten items:

1. One page flyer promoting “J. Morris Hicks as a Public Speaker”

2. One page flyer promoting speech in Canandaigua, NY in 2014.

3. VIDEO. 5-minute video of clips from a one-hour speech in Tucson, 2013 (about 500 in the audience). This video features actual sound from the event, synchronized with PowerPoint slides from the presentation.

4. VIDEO. The 4Leaf Solution by J. Morris Hicks 5 minute video from his Stonington, CT, office (2013)

5. Preview of latest book, 4Leaf Guide to Vibrant Health, co-authored with Kerry Graff, MD.

6. Praise for the 4Leaf Guide to Vibrant Health, Using the Power of Food to Heal Ourselves and Our Planet.

7. Preview of first book (2011) Healthy Eating, Healthy World with foreword by T. Colin Campbell, PhD.

8. For a complete education and career summary, click here.

9. Recommended “Introduction” for J. Morris Hicks at your event.

10. Best reference to contact is Sheryl Greenberg, organizer of the former Healthy You Network in Tucson, AZ. She has invited him to speak there on three different occasions. Please let Jim know if you’d like her contact information. Call him directly at 917-399-9700.

A popular radio host described his style thusly:

What a stunning interview! You have a beautiful, down-to-earth delivery style, lots of solid information, and a fire under you. No wonder Marilu Henner is such a fan.

Tucson Billboard Promoting His 9-21-13 Speech

The highway billboard promoting my 9-21-13 speech in Tucson, AZ

The highway billboard promoting my 9-21-13 speech in Tucson, AZ

VIDEO of Tucson Presentation (9-21-13) Our Health. Our Planet. Our Future as a Species. (about 500 in the audience). This video features actual sound from the event, synchronized with PowerPoint slides from the presentation.

My client’s reaction to the above speech

Hello Jim, On behalf of Healthy You Network, I want to thank you for giving such a wonderful, honest, challenging, and affirming talk at yesterday’s event. Many people spoke to me personally about the importance of what you had to say, and a preliminary scan of our surveys confirm that you hit a perfect note. I hope our paths cross in the not-too-distant future. Warm regards, John Reid (Program Director)

To book an engagement. Please contact Jim directly:

Finally, the “4Leaf Solution,” Why should we be eating mostly plants?

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