Kids 4Leaf Survey

With a little help from parents, caregivers, older siblings or doctors

Group of children running together

4Leaf eating and outdoor exercise–great combo

4Leaf was designed to help people everywhere–including kids, maximize the amount of the healthiest 4Leaf foods (whole plants) they eat each day with the goal of vibrant health. It’s very important that kids start eating these foods as early as possible–as soon as solid foods are introduced.

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More info re survey use. Parents and caretakers are role models and play a vital part by keeping the home stocked with 4Leaf foods. 4Leaf foods are whole plant foods and include fruits, vegetables, 100% whole grains and legumes. It is best to eat them as close to the way we get them from nature. These foods are packed with the most nutrients and vitamins to: help avoid colds, flu, coughs, allergies, ear infections; help you sleep better, give you more energy to run faster, help you learn quicker, help your complexion (clearer skin) and reduce the risk of disease.

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