Country Club Village

Ductless Air Conditioning Systems

We, Justine Robertson and Jim Hicks, would like to install one of these units in Unit #11, one of the small three-level units in the third building from the entrance. Here are our reasons:

  1. Comfort. Our unit is particularly uncomfortable during the warmer months, particularly the upper level. And that’s where our guests sleep.
  2. Humidity. As for the lower level, the first summer we had terrible mildew issues before we got two small dehumidifiers. They work well but need to be emptied every four days in most humid time of the year.
  3. Humidity Damage. We had quite a bit of clothing damaged by mildew that first summer and we’re also worried about our art, leather furniture and fine Asian rugs.
  4. Installation. We believe the best place for us would be near the ceiling on the rear-facing dining area wall of our unit. The outside equipment could be installed beneath our deck and be almost invisible to neighbors or golfers.
  5. Resale Value and Appeal to purchase. We believe that these kinds of systems are now the norm and that people expect to see them in the better vacation homes they might want to buy. We believe these units would more  would more than pay for themselves when it comes time to sell.
  6. Spyglass Village. We understand that some of the Spyglass units have them and that they are pleased.
  7. Sample Photos below.