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The 4Leaf Vision of a whole new ballgame

Over 70% of the cost of healthcare in the USA is driven by our food choices.

Over 70% of the cost of healthcare in the USA is driven by our food choices. Yet practically NONE of today’s corporate wellness programs truly addresses the food element.

Up to 80% of the $3 trillion cost of healthcare in the United States is driven by our food choices. For most businesses (and other large organizations), disease and the cost of healthcare are huge problems. Not only does “disease care” cost a lot of money, it also takes a mighty toll on employee productivity, creativity, absenteeism, and morale.

The numbers are staggering. A 2014 Towers Watson survey of 595 American corporations put the average total health expenditures per employee in 2013 at $11,938. For an organization of 1,000 people, that’s an annual medical bill of roughly $12 million (mostly paid by the company). In a company with 10,000 employees, the employer portion approaches $100 million.

J. Morris Hicks, promoting health, hope and harmony on planet Earth

J. Morris Hicks, former EVP of the Ralph Lauren Corporation

Traditional corporate wellness programs don’t work. Virtually all of the 595 companies in the survey already have a wellness program in place, yet the cost of healthcare for employers keeps going up. That’s because those programs are missing the single most important ingredient- The FOOD.

It’s time for 4Leaf Corporate Wellness. Leveraging our background in consulting, process improvement and C-Level executive management, coupled with our knowledge of how to promote health with food, we have developed a brand new approach to corporate wellness. But we insist on having the genuine support of the CEO before launching a program. We explain why here.

For more information and videos, click here. If you’re interested in an initial consultation with no obligation, contact J. Morris Hicks at 917-399-9700 or jmorrishicks@me.com.

For a lot more detail about how 4Leaf can impact corporate wellness, I have provided my entire  vision document that I prepared while working toward launching a healthcare cost reduction project with Staples HQ in 2012.

ARCH by 4Leaf (Introduced in 2017)

ARCH is an automated health promotion system aimed at influencing all members of any organization to improve their health by incorporating more whole, plant-based foods in their dietary routines. We know that when people eat more whole plants, their health improves, they get sick less often, they suffer less from chronic disease, they need fewer medications, screenings & procedures– and the cost of their individual healthcare goes down. Hence, the ARCH acronym: Automatically Reducing the Cost of Healthcare.

  1. Introduction to ARCH by 4Leaf
  2. One-page ARCH Vision Document
  3. Two-page ARCH Talking Points—Why it will Work


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