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4Leaf is a simple concept aimed at promoting a near optimal diet for all of humankind. For the definition of an optimal diet, we chose this powerful conclusion by Dr. T. Colin Campbell of Cornell University, “The closer we get to eating a diet of whole, plant-based foods, the better off we will be.”

At the 4Leaf level of eating, you're deriving over 80% of your calories from the healthiest of foods: whole plants.

At the 4Leaf level of eating, you’re deriving over 80% of your calories from the healthiest of foods: whole plants.

Obviously, the closest one could get to that diet would be to derive ALL of their calories from those healthiest of foods. Since that is not practical for most people in today’s world, we set the top bar at 80%, meaning you’ll be eating at the 4Leaf level when deriving over 80% of your daily calories from whole, plant-based foods. 3Leaf is over 60%, 2Leaf is over 40%, and 1Leaf is over 20%. 

This site was created to help people everywhere establish the healthiest permanent eating regimen possible. Our 4Leaf Survey will help you determine where on our scale you are eating today. A 4Leaf diet-style will do wonders for your own health, and if enough humans join us, some incredible environmental improvements will be generated. — The 4Leaf Global Team

Let’s talk about the awesome power of food. Did you know that there is one factor that can prevent, reverse, and even cure most of the diseases that plague the Western world? Most people don’t and that’s why we’re here. This same factor has the power to heal our hurting planet, on which we all depend. So, what is this magical factor?


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  3. Learn what you can do to improve your diet and your health by visiting the “4Leaf 101″ tab.
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  5. Spread the word.

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If you believe in the healing power of the 4Leaf way of eating, share this information with everyone you know. There is no time to lose- for yourself, for those you love, and for the Earth that sustains us all.

CAUTION. Eating the 4Leaf way may quickly decrease your need for medications. You should tell your physician what you’re doing. If he/she is unfamiliar with or skeptical of this eating-style, please direct him or her to nutritionstudies.org and plantrician.org.

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